Fresh from a glorious week in the South of France, I am tan, broke and happy as could be. It was a week of sun, rose’ and shenanigans. After months and months locked in Paris, sweating, praying for air conditioning and cursing the general disregard for deodorant in Europe, a trip south was a welcome distraction.  With so many options, planning a vacation is not an easy task. The South Of France offers sea, mountains, a number of different cities all equally fabulous and picturesque. How to decide where to go? Nice? Monaco (technically not France – but ok / why not)? Lavender fields? St. Tropez? All?

All. I chose all.

Here are some highlights, tips and tricks from the week.

Monte Carlo

  • Arrive by helicopter – Just do it. So obnoxious. So glam. So worth it.
  • Nikki Beach – Easily my favourite beach club. Every single time I go to the Nikki Beach in Monaco I have an amazing time. Beautiful people, cold drinks and views for days. It also helps when you stay at the Fairmont so the walk home isn’t too far away.




  • Beach Clubs Galore – Nice is so easy to get to from Paris. A short flight , just over one hour, and you can be strolling along the promenade. There is a beach club every few steps but my personal favourite is Castel. Funky decor, set at the very end of the beach with views of the mountain side and ultra chic – it is just fabulous.
  • Old Nice – This is the first time I actually stayed in Old Nice (Vieux Nice) and it is so lovely. Small passages, pastel walls, and antique markets just steps aways from the shoreline. It makes me feel closer to home and so happy.



  • Lavender – A life long DREAM! I was absolutely determined to see the famous lavender fields. I envisioned twirling in a sea of purple flowers and singing from the top of my lungs. In reality, it’s a LONG drive up a lot of small and windy roads and then fighting with the other tourists to get the perfect photo. Just when I started to feel ever so slightly disappointed, we drove past the most picturesque field and I swerved off the road to snap the illusive lavender field photo. #Winning!
  • Wineries – This is the home of all cote de Provence rose’s aka the only rose’s that matter. The grand dame of rose’ wine for me at the moment is Whispering Angel. I was able to arrange a private tour of Chateau D’Esclans, the home of whispering angel and it was a spiritual experience for me.

St. Tropez

  • Bagatelle – Ok. You get it – I LOVE a good beach club. In St. Tropez we tried two beach clubs : Nikki Beach and Bagatelle. Now, I enjoy a good Nikki Beach BUT babyyyyyy Bagatelle St. Tropez is the business! Good food, great wines and cabanas 🙂 AND they allow dogs which for me made it even better.

I loved St. Tropez and I wish I has a whole week there … on a yacht…with staff…just saying…


I did this entire trip with my beautiful pug, Mr. Pugsley and fabulous friend Leon which made it even more special! Would go back in a flash and already missing it.