The time has come. I am leaving Paris in favour of a new adventure. My time in Paris has easily been the most rewarding and satisfying time of my life. I have only a few weeks left to express my love for this fabulous, fabulous city. That means … #bucketlist time baby! Caught between school, work there is just so many things I still have to do!

Here is working list of things I just HAVE to do before I leave:

  • Climb things – Everyone climbs the Eiffel Tower (I’ve done it three times now) but I want to take in the city views from other monuments as well. I want to climb the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame to see this beautiful city from every vantage point, so I can remember it just as it is.
  • Eat things – Paris is known for having the best food and pastries in the world. There are so many iconic restaurants I never made time to go to. Jean buttons be damned, I’m about to go in #allthecarbs #allthecakes #godhelpme.
  • Make things – I want to put these delicate and impeccably soft hands to work. Starting with a baking class and perhaps then moving on to painting a la Lost Generation style. Looking at the next Picasso? Most likely not … but lets see how it goes, shall we?
  • Re-see things – I HATE doing things twice. Once I do something, I consider it done and never to be revisited again BUT there are some experiences that I would be a fool not to take in at least one more time. I have already started on this one by going to Reims and Versailles. Pics to follow!

Am I forgetting anything? Write in the comments and let me know!

Stopping to smell the flowers and enjoy my Parisian summer,