I managed the (near) impossible and went to my very first REAL fashion show in Paris! I have been plotting a way into the Parisian fashion scene for years now and finally an unsuspecting press agent took pity on me and sent me an invitation. At first, I thought it was too good to be true and thought it was a mistake. Surely, they had the wrong mailing address. Lo and behold, after closer inspection, I saw my name printed on the most beautiful invitation I have ever received. I could have cried.

The day of the show came, I quietly slipped away from my desk and made a mad dash to Palais de Tokyo. I approached the steps, weaving my way through fashion bloggers, journalists and photographers to the entrance. One final deep breath before I handed my invitation to the security guard. I thought to myself, if he doesn’t let me in now I will die of shame and embarrassment but to my  relief he smiled and showed me in #yaaaaasssssssss.

Once inside, I tried to blend into the waiting and growing crowd. Wearing a simple summer dress and sneakers, I looked a smidgen out-of-place next to a woman in a red moto jacket that had 3ft sleeves trailing behind her and some young men in thigh-high boots and capes.

Finally, after standing around they let us behind the curtains. Bright lights, a maze of seats and the dreaded standing room area. Let’s be clear, I am not a fashion blogger or a press agent or a buyer or even that fashionable to begin with. I should have taken my place in the standing area, snapped a few photos like planned and be satisfied BUT fate stepped in. The show was just about to start and I saw an open space, the Nassau gal that I am jumped and shoved through the crowd to snag it. I took the last open seat and just when I started to feel pleased with myself, the lights and music came on and the show began.

iPhone out and selfies secured, I watched the show in awe. The energy inside the room was electric. Models strutted past me in their looks …SO #chic, SO #avant-garde, SO #fabulous. Just as soon as it started, it was over and my Paris Fashion Week dream came true.

As I get ready to leave Paris, I am so thankful I crossed this off of my bucket list.




Now to start crossing off the rest of the things on my #ParisBucketList. Stay tuned!