I love Dubai. I have been once before and it was a fantastic experience. The culture, the tall buildings, the desert. It has everything I could ever need or want. On my way back from a fabulous trip to Cape Town, I realised I had a long (very long) layover.

In my mind, that meant I only had one option – go to the spa. I love going to spas, and after a gruelling 10 hour flight, I could use some pampering. I tumbled into the Palace hotel, downtown Dubai with bloodshot eyes and my hair all over. After a week in South Africa, a girl could use a little glamour.

I started with tea and breakfast in the main salon. Sitting in a plush chair, overlooking the pool and winking at the Burj Khalifa next door, I could only smile and pinch myself to make sure this was real.

After, I skipped down to the ladies spa. I had been once before, so throwing open the main doors and slipping into my robe was like a homecoming. I opted for the green tea facial. Days of sunburn and hours of plane travel certainly did a number on my face and I was in desperate need of some TLC. I laid on a table as the lady scrubbed the life out of my face as the candles and flower petals lulled me to sleep.

I left feeling like I was born again and ready to face my next flight. The perfect way to spend a Dubai layover. The only problem is, it might make you not want to leave.