364 days out of the year I have no problem skipping through the charming Parisian boulevards all by myself (plus Mr. P). Christmas however, is a different story. Christmas is all about spending time with family, friends and loved ones. For the first time, since my birthday, I felt completely alone and really, really cold. Instead of packing my swimsuits and crocs for a beach holiday, I was bundling up preparing for winter break. Alone in Paris, for the first Christmas ever, I was determined to make the holidays special for one (and a half). Finally on holiday, watching everyone flock home to their families, I couldn’t help but feel lonely and upset. After sending rain clouds to Nassau (If I can’t have fun, no one should!) I made a plan.

December 23rd – I was free at last! (For the holidays…) The first thing I was missing from home was the food. While I am no top chef, I figured I had enough skill to prepare a good ol’ Bahamian macaroni and cheese. After hours of careful cooking and preparation, I managed to prepare a lovely (slightly burnt) meal #whoops.

December 24th – Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve! The tree lights were twinkling, the champagne was chilled and the gifts were wrapped. I had everything set for a lovely night. But first, I needed to squeeze in a little culture thrill. If I had to stay in Paris, I wanted to make sure I visited my favourite place. Opera Garnier is lavish, gorgeous and gold. Very gold! I love a good chandelier or twenty, and I knew I would feel special after an evening of ballet.

December 25th 12am – The clock stuck 12 and Mr. Pugsley and I raced to rip open presents. Keeping a pug away from gifts/ knocking over the tree for three weeks was like a second job. Finally we could dive in and make a little mess, guilt free. Afterward, I fell into a blissful sleep knowing that when I woke up I had a full day of relaxation planned.

December 25th 12pm – Shaking off the champagne haze from the night before, I bust through the doors of the fabulous Ritz Paris Hotel. After all, if you think you are going to cry, might as well cry at the Ritz … right? As soon as I stepped into the lobby, with its marble floors, golden accents and opulent design, the only tears I felt coming were tears of joy. Skipping happily down the steps to the Chanel spa at the Ritz Club, I almost forgot it was Christmas because it felt like my birthday (#sarry Jesus)!  Long story short, the day was an absolute dream. A fabulous massage (in room no.5 – like the perfume)  with plush robe and complimentary cocktails made me feel like a queen.I did a few laps in the pool and thought to myself “Who needs The Bahamas”?  Just when I thought the day couldn’t get anymore perfect, I quickly changed into a flowy gown for afternoon tea. While I watched ladies dripping in diamonds and furs walk by, I was brought trays and trays of sweet treats and warm tea. Settled comfortable next to a warm fireplace, I felt right at home. High off of the sugar and ambiance, I finally started to feel like myself again. Fuck la vie Boehme, the luxe life is for me!

All in all, it was a very merry & ritzy Christmas for me.

Wishing everyday was Christmas day,