“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…for me!”- Nina Simone 

Dammit, I am feeling good!  A friend of mine asked me recently, how would I rate 2016 out of ten. So far, I’m thinking a solid 7ish-8ish out of 10. I cried, I laughed, I traveled, I graduated, I lost and now (finally) I’m winning. Hallelujah !

  • Flat – Finding a semi-decent apartment in Paris is easily one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do. France calls itself ‘first world’ however the lack of basic human survival needs is shocking and certainly suggests otherwise.  What does a girl have to do for working plumbing, wi-fi ,parquet floors, a terrace, some tasteful decorative accents and flower shop near by? A lot. She has to do a lot. Many sleepless nights, I searched high and low (very low) before finding a charming studio steps away from Champs de Mars and my beloved Rue Cler. Needless to say, Mr. Pugsley and I are pleased. For now. I won’t truly be happy until I move into Versailles.
  • J-O-B – After a semi disastrous experience working in PR earlier this year, I was left so confused about what to do next. Everyday for months and months I applied to jobs anywhere and everywhere in Paris. Just as I was willing to take a position cleaning toilets with my Master diploma, the Gods took pity on me. This time next week, I will kick my freshly pedicured foot through the doors of a spanking new internship at a TOP full-service integrated global communications agency working with two MAJOR international brands. In an effort to not get fired before I start, I have to suppress my natural inclination to be totally obnoxious and pray they recognise the gem that is *moi*.
  • Summer Body – Postponed till 2017. No further comments.

2016 has been such a year of transformation and personal growth for me. At some points, I felt my lowest and totally doubted myself. At some points, I felt on top of the world and nobody could get in the way of my shine. All I wanted was a sign that everything work out for the best. Still not sure if that sign ever came. In the meantime however, I will be stopping frequently on Rue Cler to smell the roses.