After having such a lovely time in Giverny (see previous post), this week I decided to do another day trip. Having withdrawals for gold gilded ceilings and chandeliers, I went to Chantilly!


A mere twenty-five minutes outside of Paris is the Chateau de Chantilly. Gorgeous inside and out, the castle is surrounded by water and beautifully manicured gardens. While it is certainly no Versailles,the castle did not disappoint. Rooms dripping in gold and jewels, long gorgeous halls and fabulous high ceilings left me in absolute awe.  If the gods weren’t so cruel, I would definitely be living there instead of a studio apartment with furniture I built from IKEA. How I’ve managed to survive this long without my own marble bust, stained glass windows and a personal chapel is an unsolved mystery.


The real MVP of Chantilly however is the Chantilly cream. Served in a bowl with fresh berries, it is hands down the best sweet treat I have ever had !


An afternoon of daydreaming and dessert heaven. Just Perfect!