Deep in the throws of professional anguish, in an effort to avoid being depressed and bored, I have decided to compile a list of things I want to do in Paris. For months and months, I have been putting off a few activities for whatever reason (credit card maxed out /torrential rain/ lack of motivation to put on pants). Facing the reality that I might actually have to pack my bags and ship out of here in a few weeks, the time has come to prepare an official Paris #bucketlist.


  1. Holybelly – Eggs and pancakes… need I say more. Also, if one more person tells me “you’ve gotta try it!”, I’ll scream.
  2. Tea Time – George V /Le Meurice/Ritz – This is a little tough. I love tea. I love 5 star hotels. Which is the best one? Shall I try them all? Tricky. Tricky.
  3. KONG – Asian fusion food is life. Add a view to die for and a ‘Sex in the City’ cameo opportunity and I am there!tea-Andrea-Leggett-Flickr


  1. Ritz Paris – Staycation vibes. The Ritz Paris just reopened after a 4 year renovation. I would murder someone for a night in bliss in a big comfy bed with a little French glam to channel a little “la vie en rose”.
  2. Giverny- Fleurs. Fleurs. Fleurs. Need.
  3. Run through the lavender blooms in Provence- South of France has my heart. I envision a little rose’ and a flowy obnoxious day gown to frolic in a field while try to avoid a bee sting.
  4. A night in a French Chateau- Back to my roots (as a queen amount peasants) I feel the need to spend a weekend in a real traditionally decorated chateau outside of Paris (yet up to 2016 standards – wifi, chef on site, wine cellar and butler named Francois).



  1. Seine River Cruise- Now that the water levels are back to normal (mostly) and the sun is shining, to truly make it feel like summer has arrived I need to be on a boat.
  2. Make out underneath la Tour Eiffel- Now, for this particular activity I need a volunteer. Paris has offered up some of the most romantic nights of my life but I want a scene that blows the cheesy rom-com scene out of the water. Im talking sparkling lights, sparkling wine and a tall gorgeous French man preferably with beard. Little to no English required (hold the beret).
  3. Macaron Tasting- I have an idea in mind that needs a little more work. Perhaps another post about this particular plot to follow. To be continued…


Is there anything else?

Always plotting and planning.




** Not my photos- Merci Google!