5 Tips for a Girls Trip to Nice, France


Fresh from a fantastic weekend in the South of France, I’m back in Paris! Sunburned and experiencing slight rose’ withdrawal, I am offering up some tips and recommendations if you are planning a trip to Nice.

  1. Embrace the Pebbles – The beaches in Nice along the Promenade des Anglais are pebble beaches. Gorgeous to look at but super painful if you fancy a frolic into the water. They are also very hot to walk on barefoot so unless you want to ruin your favourite sandals (RIP to my Dolce Vitas) put your pride to the side and get some water friendly shoes i.e. Crocs. 13479402_10154292509989914_1358209659_n13472384_10154292510029914_1855275326_n
  2. Beach Club it Up – Do not even waste time or effort on the public beaches. There are dozens of beach clubs along the coastline that offer tanning beds, towels and umbrellas for a small cost (of course). Most importantly they are all equipped with cute boys to bring you rose’ and carbs with just the lift of your manicured finger. If only this was an option everywhere I go ( I can dream…right?). I recommend both Plage Beau Rivage and Castel Plage. Castel is the nicer of the two in ambiance and appearance while Beau Rivage is a little less expensive and little less stuffy. 13474071_10154292509829914_1569173824_n
  3. Parc de Chateau- Just Do It! The views at the top will take your breath away and make everyone else on your Snapchat green with envy (win/win)! There are two ways to get up, first is the elevator and the other are the stairs. So naturally and true to form, I definitely opted for the elevator. Partly because I couldn’t wait to get to the top but mostly because if I attempted to climb that many flights of stairs, I would need to be airlifted by emergency ambulance helicopter (#lazygirlproblems). Walk around the park so you catch both the view of the coastline as well as the view of the port. There is also a gorgeous waterfall that makes it all the more majestic. 13451066_10154292509944914_1761534571_n13457719_10154292509939914_486417359_n
  4. Le Negresco- If you love chandeliers, dimly lit bars with plush seats and strong cosmopolitans stop here for a cocktail at night. Dancing in the grand ballroom will make you feel like almost regal while the cocktail bar just past the reception area is intimate and sure to put you in a great mood before you go out. There, I was definitely on cloud nine. 13457628_10154292509969914_2039707835_n13473698_10154292509979914_185027988_n
  5. Where to stay- This is SO important. I had a fantastic view of the coastline and the Promenade des Anglais from the AirBnB (we stayed on Rue de Californie)  but unless you want to ride a blue bike (most are broken) or walk 45 mins+ to see some action, I would definitely recommend trying to book a stay nearer to Vieux (Old) Nice. There are more options for restaurants and bars and activities. Just trust me, the Nice coastline is deceptive and the stroll on foot always takes longer than you think. 13457789_10154292510034914_419762165_n

I had lovely a weekend, so I hope these help you plan!

xoxo Gabri

ps. WEAR SUNSCREEN 🙂 13472203_10154292509954914_723086020_n13479486_10154292510039914_1828035_n