This morning, as the sun greeted me with its sweet rays kissing my cheeks in the most beautiful city in the world, immediate dread flooded my brain causing me to gasp for air. Daily panic attack- right on time.

Time is ticking on my dream. 23 days left on my lease and still no job + no house (#fml). I frantically check my emails, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and finally Facebook looking for inspiration on what to do with myself.

Update :

-Apartment showings –> The listings may as well read as “Frowsy shoebox with no view nor basic amenities  for minimum Eur 1800/month + a little unicorn blood to seal the deal”.

-Job hunt–> I got nothing… Lord help me. ** In actual fact, I am still very optimistic about this as I realise it just takes time to find a fabulous fit. However, admittedly I am *tres* annoyed that I am not the daughter of a Sheikh or a Kardashian.

At this point, I just want to runaway from everything/everyone. Who knows what means for my life in Paris. Might see me soon in a city near you. So catch me if you can!

Mischief on the brain.