I have 28 days to get a life. I need a house and a job and jeans that button. Being a firm believer in ‘speaking things into existence’, I’m realising that the first step is to jot it down and put it out there. So here it goes!

Calling all potential employers!

Calling all potential employers!

Calling all potential employers!

Allow me to introduce myself.


Name: Gabriella (Miss Suighi if ya nasty).

Dream: To live a beautiful life in many beautiful places.

Master : Global Communications

Languages : English, Italian, French, Spanish

Passions : Lifestyle, Travel, Luxury

Positive Attributes: Positive, Observant, Honest, Gorgeous Hair (Sense of Humour incl.)

Purpose : To write and inspire.

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This girl (me) is ready for a career in luxury/lifestyle marketing and public relations. Hitting the ground running to the good life!

Now thats sorted, I would love if the universe could also throw in a fabulous flat in Paris with a decorative fireplace, gold furnishes, parquet floors, huge bathtub, and a petite balcony. +++Extra points if there is a flower shop and a boulangerie downstairs.

Merci à vous!



p.s. Though my banter is quick, witty and amusing in this post, I actually do need a job asap so feel free to message and connect !