That old familiar stirring, a feeling that I can’t describe but recognise all too well … Chronic Dissatisfaction is back full force! As it usually does this time of year, my mood is erratic and grumpy for the following reason: I HATE February. Still fat from Christmas binge eating and drinking and not close enough to my birthday to matter. True to form, I am trying to calculate how many days before I stop eating all together to look somewhat decent for my 26th birthday. By my calculation that was sometime last week *eats a piece of chocolate* ( whoops). The only cure for this annual funk is, of course, to plan something fabulous to look forward to. I have been scribbling down some notes on everything I wish to do and I see pebble beaches, lavender fields and lots of champagne in the near future.  So hurry along Feb, March ( and all its wonders – full blooms, sunny weather and topless tanning)  approaches!


Dreaming of paradise,