I’ve done it Lord! I have done it! Landed a fabulous internship with a Parisian PR agency and moved into my new flat complete with terrace and view of the Tour Eiffel. I was in a state of absolute euphoria right up until I realised that I actually had to attend a work place for 8 hours a day (+ metro commute #yuck) and pick up puppy shit (#doubleyuck)  off of my fabulous terrace with fantastic view.

Work Life :

The first few days at a new job are always the absolute worst. There is truly nothing more humbling than trying to navigate through a sea of new people and procedures. Truth is, I felt stupid for about 4 days straight. Not the cute and endearing kind of stupid – the brain dead kind of stupid. How do I hold a pen? Excel what? Pants? Its all too much.

Life Life :

My spare time can really be summed up in a few words ;





Eiffel Tower

This is my life.

Well now, that my short term goals [no longer homeless and unemployed] have been checked off the list. Chronic dissatisfaction dictates that its now time to get to writing some new ones. Dear God, please let them involve champagne and the French Riviera.

A Bientôt


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