Back in Paris for about two weeks now trying to make major life decisions. I have been asking myself the hard questions ;

What city do I want to live in?

What is my passion?

Why am I so broke?

Holed up in a small (yet cute and chic) apartment in Paris and pissed off I didn’t win the Powerball lottery, I just want to know when this adult-ing thing gets easier. So naturally instead of being productive and making solid plans of what to do with my life, I made a list of things I would do I won the lottery (poop emoji). After all the exercise wasn’t a complete waste of time, once you take money ( or lack there of) out of the equation, its much easier to understand what you truly want. So here is what I would do if I won 800 Million dollars ( after tax).

  1. Don’t tell a soul and live “normally”.
  2. Buy investment homes in all of my favourite cities – Paris, London, Harbour Island,New York and Monte Carlo – and spend the year bouncing between them.
  3. Give back to family – to help those who helped me and those that wanted to but couldn’t.
  4. Start a philanthropic organisation, represent and put on an annual gala to draw attention to matters of international concern ( children in extreme poverty, human trafficking, third world nations in despair) – Perhaps my calling is to give a voice to those who don’t  have one.

Don’t get me wrong, CHANEL would definitely suffer some damages in the process, but it is comforting to know that the idea of an unlimited bank account produced beautiful thoughts of charity and love.

Back to reality, I hope I can remember that. I don’t have all the answers to what the next step is for me, but for now at least, I do have Paris. And, as they say, “Paris is always a good idea”.