” A dream is a wish your heart makes… No matter how your heart is grieving, as long as you keep believing, a dream is a wish that will come true.” – Cinderella

-I God damn hope so Cindy.

2016 is here and life is coming at me fast. I spent the last two weeks in a champagne haze jumping up and down on sandy beaches and eating carbs. Heaven. The hangover is finally gone, and now I’m back in Paris without a clue of what to do next. Homeless, Unemployed and Fat are the hottest trends of the new year ( haven’t you heard?).

Are we ever going to be better than this? I hope so. I am ready to be someone. A smart, sexy and ambitious someone who focused and passionate about my next move. Things are brewing, and I smell change in the air. Who knows where the chopper will drop me off next, Lord please – I beg you- let it be fabulous.


Goal for 2016 –

Do what I love. No matter what.