My world is on fire. How about yours? The end of the year is coming so quickly. I really wish time would stop. Despite terror attacks, shootings and army /national guard intervention in two of the three places I call home, all is well ( I guess). Paris is in the midst of one of the most horrific terror attacks ever. Nastysau/The Village of Sin is living up to its name with a string of gang related violence. At this point, I just have my fingers crossed Miami can hold it together for my arrival. Adding in the stress of planning my personal future, it really is enough to send a girl’s head spinning.  I must take time to ask myself the important questions.

Why (oh why) could I not be content with a mediocre life?

Why is following ones passion more difficult than being comfortable and miserable?

Why hasn’t an Arab prince invited me to sail on a yacht around the world ?

Tasks for the rest of 2015;

  1. Internship Hunting- I KNOW that I am great/excellent/fabulous/witty/smart/resourceful/practical/charming/lovely with a natural charisma and sparking personality. Why does no one else understand this? I’m not asking for blood, just a bloody internship ( at a global marketing and branding company that involves travel, socializing and an opportunity to perfect my French all while paying me handsomely). Please.
  2.  House Hunting-Paris is a city that is representative of culture, beauty and embraces the lifestyle that I aspire to. Can the housing Gods come down and find me an adorable small flat with view, natural light, elevator, bathtub and washing machine that allows puppies? Please.
  3. Staying Alive- Well at this rate… Please.

I am aware that passionately wanting the perfect job, perfect house and perfect life without compromise is unrealistic/downright delusional.Never stopped me before. Only shooting stars break the mold. Thank goodness for that.