Finally, after weeks and weeks of anticipation, Fall Break arrived! I as usual could not decided where to go. I needed a few days to myself to relax, drink champagne and wear obnoxiously loud outfits. That being said the only appropriate destination was in deed … LONDON! I love London for many reasons, mainly because its a quick trip from Paris, in addition to that there are shows, shops, museums, my favorites restaurants and a “hoity toity” attitude that I appreciate. The mini-break started off well enough, like any decent trip with champagne and sweet treats before 12am.

Day One

Eurostar- I scrambled to get to Gare du Nord, where I waved my EU passport and skipped easily on to the train. Once seated it was time to break out the train essentials. In my case, this includes a breakfast sized bottle of champers, a box of macarons and my trust iPad that only has one movie ( Vicky Cristina Barcelona) saved on it for the sole purpose of train travel. Needless to say the trip was a breeze and I arrived to London feeling fabuluxe. 12248833_10153745860629914_1998334699_n12232984_10153745860759914_1972543007_n

I checked in to an adorable little boutique hotel in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. After visiting London a few times, it is my favorite area of London and really makes me feel like a mid-level reality TV celebrity on channel E4.12233090_10153745861254914_1570158378_n

First Stop- Bluebird Chelsea

Of course, I had to stop by my absolute favorite restaurant in London, Bluebird. I come here for the booze and the eggs Benedict. I refuse to go anywhere but the Kings Road for it. There is no changing my mind. Do not even bother. And yes, I had no problem what so ever ordering breakfast at happy hour #nojudgement! 12270432_10153745861114914_51788393_n

Bucketlist Show- Wicked

A few glasses in, I decided I just had to see a show. It was a little late but I figured I would try my luck anyway and go straight to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see the one and only Wicked. I have tried countless times to see this show but like the London Eye I never got around to it. This time I was in luck. Upon arrival, I was taken into the Ambassador Lounge. They sold me with the private bar and flowing prosecco. No crowds and bubbles- Yes Please! By the time I got into the show I was singing and dancing in my seat. 12272920_10153745861149914_1103959346_n12243801_10153745861189914_920173176_n

Overall a fabulous first day in lovely London. Only to get better by a bottle of champagne sent to my room with a lovely bubble bath to sink into. That, my friends, is what vacation is all about. 12231430_10153745861214914_1062428852_n

Day Two

For the first time in months I was able to sleep in and snuggle most of the morning without feeling guilty. It was amazing. Eventually I got hungry when I remembered my favorite Japanese restaurant in the world, Zuma was not too far away. I threw on my furs and off to Zuma I went.


I love Zuma. I have been lucky enough to go to Zuma Miami ( to excess) and Zuma Dubai. I could not WAIT to go to Zuma London. It was delicious and expensive and over indulgent and exactly what I needed on my mini-break. Sashimi and Sake never disappoints. 12233463_10153745861309914_631684125_n12243812_10153745861274914_1290394084_n


No trip to London for me would be complete without popping into Harrods.I promised myself I would not buy any big ticket items in an effort to keep up the charade that I am a responsible adult who has self control.  I like to watch the Arabs buy things I can’t afford in bulk and then eat my feelings in the Tea Room. Rose tea, Scones and Jams cures all of life’s problems. I got away with a bag full of delicious teas to bring home to Paris.12242186_10153745861344914_1652214887_n12231598_10153745861389914_770395601_n

No Shopping?

Well, after I left Harrods I felt slightly annoyed I didn’t buy myself a little something something… enter Harvey Nichols. I couldn’t help it. I just had to add a little treat to my fur collection. Thank you Charlotte Simone! 12272580_10153745861444914_238365245_n12272708_10153745861469914_286718055_n

Friday Night Shennagins- November 13th, 2015

Here is when the trip took a turn for the worst… Friday November 13, 2015 was a dark and horrible day for Paris. Details to follow in my next post. But needless to say the mood was a bit somber for the rest of the trip. So much for trying to escape reality…

Final Day –

Determined to make the best of my last few hours. I checked my Tinder messages, ignored them all and explored a new area to me : Notting Hill. I am admittedly more interested in a more prim and proper itinerary however I wanted to try something different. As I am in fact a communication and marketing professional extraordinaire, I wanted to go to the Museum of Brands. A neat little spot for a different kind of museum experience – Consumer Timelines, Evolution of Brands etc – it was right up my alley.

Portobello Road Market – Saturday Morning

I had a little time left, so I managed to saunter over to Portobello Road. It was actually adorable and quite cool. An eclectic mix of people and things for sale. From art to food to furs. I snagged an adorable fur keychain and snapped a few shots. All in all a fantastic day despite the looming anxiety of coming back to Paris.

St. Pancras- November 14th, 2015

St. Pancras was an absolute mess. Queues longer than I have ever seen them. I feared I would miss the train. Stressed, annoyed and a little nervous of what was waiting for me in Paris, I decided that no matter what, I would come home and not be afraid.

All in all a lovely mini-break. London has that charm to make a girl like me feel special and renewed every time.12244113_10153745861624914_1456442749_n12242170_10153745861554914_737957987_n

Until next time Aunt Liz,


Gabri 12242152_10153745861009914_752295422_n