In the past few weeks I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Papers, Assignments, Modules, Puppy Problems, Love Handles… the list goes on. Trying to put my life together feels like gluing broken glass. “What do you want?!” my Academic Adviser screamed at me. The time has come to apply for an internship (or choose to write a thesis instead), decide which country I want to live in, and most importantly book winter holidays. I am overwhelmed. Since my meeting last week, I have been in a zen head space of reflection. When I close my eyes, I see the life I want. The details are still a little fuzzy so I decided it may be easier to write things down before my brain explodes. Here it goes…

I Want;

  • To live in Paris (dans le quartier Opera Louvre with a flower shop & bakery nearby, plus elevator, washer, bathtub, free wifi, gorgeous big french windows, & tons of natural light)- Not too much to ask…right?
  • To work with luxury brands in any capacity- with an international team and the opportunity to grow in a position that takes me around the world.
  • To vacation as I please: London, Miami, Nastysau, Eleuthera *and in that order* (with Mr. Pugsley by my side- duh).
  • Happiness, World Peace yadda, yadda.

Now everything I want is officially out in the universe.

Cosmos- get to work. I’m on a 2 month deadline.

Patiently waiting for everything to fall into place.