When I made the decision to live in Paris, I imagined strolling through the neighborhoods eating baguettes and drinking rose’. While taking photos of my weekly flower shopping trips is fab, I want to see the posh Paris. Posh Paris is the Paris that I saw in movies, read about in books, seen on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. In the back of my head I had a bucket list of everything I wanted to do before I switch out of ‘tourist mode’. As winter approaches, the deadline is growing near. In the past few weeks, I took it upon myself to dive into posh Paris (with Mr. Pugsley not too far behind!).

Carrousel de la Tour Eiffel


I happen to live in the beautiful 7th arrondissement. There is the Champs de Mars, the Eiffel Tower, Invalides etc etc. The real attraction in my eyes has always been the famous carousel just behind the Eiffel tower. For months I wanted to ride it ! Finally I just spent my 3 Euros to take a spin. A grown woman fighting with a 1 year old over the teacup seat was not my proudest moment, but I got my ride and my seflie so all is well in the world. (Sorry… #not).

Lunch at L’Avenue (during Paris Fashion Week)

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For months I racked my brain on how to get inside a show during fashion week. Every fashion week came and went leaving me annoyed and angry that I failed yet again to snag a spot. Finally it dawned on me! I don’t have to go to the show to see the stars, I just have to go to L’Avenue! This French restaurant is on the uber chic Avenue Montaigne and luckily for me just a few steps away from home. Threw on my furs and bitchy sunglasses, kicked through the paparazzi and secured a table for me and Mr. Pugsley in no time. Feeling flattered at the cameras flashing as I walked by soon faded away when I realized it wasn’t me they were interested in. Thanks Gigi Hadid.

Cocktail of Le Meurice


This is on every Paris to do list ever. Something about the piano playing, the dark woods and the wealthy Arabs roaming made me feel special. At 28 Euros a pop, these cosmopolitans were indeed delicious and the afternoon pick me up every girl needs.



This small hole in the wall restaurant claims to have the best burgers in Paris. Patrons like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem to agree. I had to see for myself. Verdict: Oui,Oui! Tres Bon! The restaurant was cramped and filled with beautiful people stuffing their faces with carbs. Heavenly. I ordered the burger and the mac&cheese (omg!). Rather embarrassed to admit I ate every single bite. My date, Mr. Pugsley, was happy trying to catch crumbs. So delicious.

Working through my list is so much fun. Next up is ;

  • Cruise on the Seine in style
  • Dine at Hotel Costes

Plotting and Planning