Summer holidays are drawing to an end and I’m rather annoyed at this notion. While I am over the moon excited to pull out my furs and boots, I’m not ready for the year to be over.  December is drawing near, and I feel panicked to make some big life decisions. Paris, I’m not through with you yet! I still have so much more I want to do and see here that there is a huge pressure to make the rest of this year absolutely amazing. How? What next? Where is my baby daddy? My plots and plans are moving towards making the life I want. Now, all I have to do is decide what that is. Countdown is on! Life and First Caribbean Bank are knocking on my door and all I have to say to them is … back off bitches. In any event, I’ll be frolicking on the sandy beaches of The Bahamas this Christmas to fine tune these details with a ginger cosmo in one hand and my future in the next.

Off to daydream about Paris , LVMH and the Sorbonne.

xoxo Gabri