When i moved to Paris I did not realize that from June-July it turns in the gateway to hell. The heat is unbearable and I cannot fathom why this supposed 1st world country does not believe in air conditioning. Besides that- there is no relief. No breeze. No fan. Nothing. Today I quite seriously considered jumping out the window. To add insult to misery, I had a few errands to run to keep myself busy. The usual replace broken wine glasses, some fresh fruit, new bottle of perfume etc. No big deal. LIES. Not only is it close to 100 degrees the city is running wild with people- who in action ( and possible appearance) appear to be feral folk. Crowds everywhere of people with stinky armpits and stinky attitudes. I CANT. Might I add the odors that I have been subjected to smelling in the past few days is punishment from God. Absolutely horrific. Next I invite you to imagine a scenario with this hellfire heat and the dreaded underground metro. Like – really?!?!?! Go ahead and shoot me now. On the ride home alone- I was dripping sweat from head to toe- super miserable and ready to faint then I enter a metro car FILLED with people who for lack of a better phrase.. stink like shitty asshole. Then I was pushed around like a rag doll, coughed on and my all time pet peeve — people touching my hands. I have a weird thing with hands- DONT touch mine.  UGHHHHHHH super frustrated and running into the shower to wash this hideous day off my skin.

But always remember one bad (stinky- sweaty- shitty) day doesn’t mean you have a bad life.