I just returned home from the MOST amazing vacation I have ever been on. Now I have taken some fantastic trips in my life but the combination of Monaco and Dubai is top top top. Words cannot describe how happy I am to knock these two places off my bucket list. Years and years of daydreaming and planning made it possible. Still in shock that I survived and managed to make it back home alive and on cloud 9. A quick recap ;

Monte Carlo, Monaco.


– ARRIVE BY HELICOPTER – Honestly, there is no other way to get into Monaco. Period. The combination of the blue water and the picturesque town from up above is quite literally breath taking. Now add the excessive and luxurious entrance of a private pilot and you have a happy happy girl. Its a short 7 minute ride from Nice to Monaco- just enough time for 1000 photos and a special memory to have for a lifetime. You will feel like a celeb and its the perfect way to kick off a fab vacation.

– NIKKI BEACH MONACO- It was quite the coincidence that we stumbled across Nikki Beach. Unassuming and a still a little drunk from the night before, we strolled up the pool and come to find out its the most fab surprise ever. So what else is there to do? Embrace the moment and buy bottles. Drink. Be Fab. Repeat. Surreal moment and the views of Monte Carlo just days before the Grand Prix were an added bonus.

-MONACO TURNUP- Monte Carlo was a proper blur but highlights and places to go are most definitely Buddha Bar, Nikki Beach Pool Club, Fairmont Hotel Nobu lounge ( actually Fairmont hotel [period] is amazing — our room was fab. ) Oh in between blackouts make sure to pop by the palace and have a glass of champagne over looking the marina.

Next Stop DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

By the end Monaco I was slightly concerned for my life. Excited to go to Dubai but a little scared that my behavior would be too outrageous for Arab society. THE LIES THEY ALL TELL. Those Arabs know how to turn the FUCK up. I have never been so pleasantly surprised in my life. The vibe in Dubai is super chill and relaxed and just a really fucking good time.  They know how to wild out and I loooooooooooovveeeee it. It is for sure my new fav get-a-way spot. All my favorite restaurants, malls, spas, and the  pool game is strong. Oh and the city looks like a scene from the Jetsons.


– BURJ KHALIFA – As soon as we arrived I made it a point to get this attraction out of the way. It is the tallest building in the WORLD and I just had to go have a class of wine at the top. I organized to have a little cutesy lunch not thinking much of it. Another restaurant, another day in the life.  The VIEW is out of this world. The entire experience was out of this world. Elevator popped us to the 123rd floor  (ear drums about to burst) , a little woozy I threw my ass at that table by the window and had Rajan pour up that rose’. I said yes gawdddddddddddd. Perf way to start the day.

– DUBAI MALL- From lunch a little drunk, I started to get pissed off. For months and months I read about the modesty and how strict the rules are to cover up and respect and bullshit blah blah. I pull up to lunch AND what do I see?  Shoulders out, legs out, tits out… I was wearing damn jeans and a LONG SLEEVE silk top. Two seconds outside in that 100 degree weather and I was about to literally faint. I said helllllllll no- ran right to the mall to get something decent to wear. I walked into Dubai mall, and you could not tell me I wasn’t in Aventura Mall, Miami. Same stores, same setup I felt right at home. So a few hours later I walked around and saw the highlights (aquarium, waterfall, souk, bloomingdales etc). The moment that took my breath away happened when I step foot outside…

-DUBAI FOUNTAIN- I dreamt for years and years about seeing these fountains with my own two eyes. Ever since I went to Vegas and missed the Bellagio fountain show I was determined to see a damn watershow. This did not disappoint. Jamming to Spanish version of Enrique’s “Hero”.  Thousands of gallons of water and orchestrated light show to match was something definitely I had to scratch off my life. As if once wasn’t enough, on my last day in town I got to see it again from the Palace Downtown – better view and a fab way to say bye bye to #myDubai.

-RESTAURANTS- One thing I really appreciated about Dubai was that ALL of my favorite places to eat are right there. YASSSSSSSSSSS. Months and months of these subpar restaurants in damn Paris, ya girl was thirsty for a good ginger cosmo and some ZUMA (yum yum). I recommend : Zuma (bar scene on point) &  Nobu ( creep around the Atlantis)  for dinner. Palace Downtown for afternoon tea (AMAZING).

-PARTY- Now, I know that middle east in considered behind the times on the party scene. LIES LIES LIES. Those people know how to throw a damn party. I went to XL Dubai for their Friday brunch and without going into too much detail, I’ll just say that drunk, dancing on tables is the norm. I loveeee it. Just the turnup I needed to feel on cloud 9 in the desert.  But honestly, people were turning up every single place we went. Shangri-La’s IKandy lounge is fab for shisha and evening cocktails. Zuma’s post dinner bar scene puts Miami to shame. Outside deck at the four seasons ( I apologize for demanding you open back up the bar after closing to serve my bottles – sarrrryyyyyyyyyyyy #notsorry). Good times were had. My God. Good times indeed.

-DESERT FUN- Ok, ok, ok.  Scene- its 105 degrees out and I figured it was a fab idea to carry my ass in middle of the Dubai desert. I was a little unsure of doing a tourist trap tour crap shit thing. I usually avoid these type of things but shit how else does one ride a camel and do a sex in the city 2 type photo shoot?  So I signed us up for a day of dune bashing, quad riding, camel riding, belly dancing, shisha, henna, bbq- yes yes yes yes. The thing that made it completely worth it, was this one perfect serene moment. Standing on the stop of a sand dune with the sun high in the sky, a light breeze blowing through my curls – I swear I heard God talking to me. It was one of those perfect moments that you never plan but makes the entire trip worth it.  Flash forward to camel riding-  Its something I wanted to do for yearsssssssss– in hindsight not really sure I would do it again. First of all, didn’t realize the shit was so big. The man told me swing my leg over this 400 pound monster- no step, no nothing. I had come that far, may as well suck it up. Barely on it- the camel throw his big old body up and almost flip me off the back. I wondered ” Can a bitch get a seatbelt?” Well I did it. Bucket list – Check. Check. Ohhh and that Arab BBQ is yum yum yum.

– GOLD SOUK-  Ok. Soooooooooooooo whenever I go to a big city, I always have to make a big ticket item. When I go to London, I go to Harrods. When I go to New York, I go to Bergdorfs. When I went to Dubai, I HAD to go to the gold souk. In my mind, I envisioned a fab indoor situation, with walls and walls of gold. A Gabri dream come true. What I got was a damn straw market crawling with Indians, Africans and the seediest characters I ever saw. ( I come from Nastysau, Bahamas – I KNOW what seedy looks like). Fucking horrifying. Disappointed didn’t even cover it. About to die and give up I spy a ring in a window. I refused to leave without buying SOMETHING. I tell that man ” wrap that shit up” grabbed it and got the hell out of there. Love my ring though- thanksssssssssss :).

All in all it was a damn fab vacation. A lot of surprises and adventures. Throw you some pics and hopefully you can imagine how amazing it really was.



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