There are two things I fully believe in : Brunch and Mini Breaks.

This weekend I finally got the chance to sneak away from Paris and go to the South of France! The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and I could not stop smiling. Marseille is an adorable little port town ( the oldest town in France). We walked around the neighborhoods and took in the city for two days.  Everything had a quiet and serene vibe that brought me a great sense of calm. Other take aways — the food is BOMB. I don’t know if its just me, but I have the worst luck with restaurants in France. Its usually a hit or miss. In Marseille I was feeling spicy and ordered their traditional fish dish accompanied with fish soup, and it made my whole year. Belly full of fish and gazing into the ocean with the wind blowing through my curls made it the perfect weekend get away. Also, they have a speciality cookie called “le navette” which is orange blossom water flavored and it will change your life, I promise.

So after a weekend of binge eating + strolling and patrolling, I am in total zen mode.

Happy to be back in my beloved Paris of course but I think the South of France will be seeing me again very very soon.

Enjoy some pics from the trip.



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