They say life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

I came to Paris to experience a new version of life searching for excitement, adventure and romance. Here I am ( still tickled pink to be here) up to my neck in research papers and final projects and the semester is nearly coming to a close. I have no idea where the time went. Guilty of living in the future, I spend my free moments fantasizing about summer vacations ( which is booked for Dubai in May – YASSSSSSS) or fall semester plans. Now that the first semester is already coming to a close, I want to stop time and say ” WAIT!”

Reflection time;

Have I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in Paris?

Should I care less about my schedule and take more time to relax?

When am I supposed to be meeting these “new people”  I dreamt about?

Making a new vow to actually stop and smell the flowers. I really want to remember this time in my life as progressive and productive AS WELL AS the most eventful. Sitting on my couch doing homework every night surely isn’t doing me any favors.  I vow to live in the now and just worry about the other stuff as it comes…

Oh BTW Spring has sprung in Paris. Take a peek at the photos and enjoy this weather perfection…

xoxo Gabri

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