After suffering through the brief shock of reaching my 1/4 life milestone, I finally started to accept the in conceivable. I, Gabri, am an old ass bitch.

March 18,2015 was an absolutely gorgeous day in Paris. The sun came out just for me and it was perfection. Started the day with tea and sweet treats at Laduree. This will make two years and counting that I had my birthday breakfast at the location on Champs Elysées. They did not disappoint! Not sure if it was the raspberry tart or the three glasses of champagne but I was in an unusually fabulous mood. From there I went along skipping to CHANEL. As I am educated in communications and fully understand that brands are an illusion, I should have not have been that excited. However, my excitement level was through the roof. On Rue Cambon, I was fighting off the Asians to get my hands on those double Cs. The sales girl (shoutout Roberta!) brought out a good 20 options to me to try on and play with. Eventually I settled on a little navy number that will forever mark my 25th birthday moment. Drunk in Paris in CHANEL. A birthday moment indeed. It was absolutely perfect. On the way home with my treats ( bag and macaroons) I couldn’t help take Rue Cler. Picked up some tulips and champagne and made it home with a big smile on my face.

The rest of the week went by in a flash. A haze of papers and assignments. Finally Friday came and I was off to London!  A quick jump on the Eurostar and poof I had arrived. I jumped straight into a taxi and headed to the only borough that matters: Chelsea! ( I must admit a guilty pleasure of mine is the reality TV show, Made in Chelsea- I am not ashamed!) Pulled up to The Exhibitionist hotel and it was a dream. Living in Paris, a girl starts to miss a few things.   BATHTUBS is one of the those things. Many a night in my flat, I dreamt of taking a long hot bubble bath only to open my eyes and see my baby-sized shower that I can barely fit in. Not going to lie… I ugly cried when I saw the bathtub and bubbles all set up especially for me.  So I did what any self respecting 25 year old girl would do- Facemask, Champagne and Bubble time! After that I snuggled up in my huge comfy bed and slept a full 12 hours. Magic!

OK-  Saturday morning in Chelsea. What is there to do? Duh, Bluebird! I called up my girl ( fellow Bahamian gal with a passion for wine drinking- much like myself) and we had a long boozy brunch followed by some irresponsible spending/shopping. The rest of the trip went by so quickly. We went to Sketch then Mason House — bottles for daysssssss. Topped off the weekend at Harrods looking for an Arab husband. Unsuccessful – Will keep trying. #gabriwantsanArabdaddy. All in all it was absolutely fabulous and I am a happy (broke) girl.

Real life starts again tomorrow- BOOOOOO!!!

Off to beddy-bye for some much needed rest.