I wonder if it’s possible to be homesick for people. I do not regret for a second moving to Paris. However in the back of my mind, I find myself daydreaming of how much more amazing this experience would be if MY friends were here. Birthday coming up and feeling really alone in Paris. Every year I plan some ridiculous extravaganza / trip. This year I can’t even muster up the usual excitement. Not sure what the problem is.  It has always been my dream to come to Paris and soak up this amazing city. In my haste to change my life and leave Nassau (Nastysau), I didn’t consider the friendships and connections I would leave behind. I miss my family and my friends incredibly. They are people I took for granted at the time and now, especially for my birthday week, I wish they could be here with me.  Well, I suppose it’s the cost of living my dream. C’est la vie. If I am forced to be alone, at the very least I will do it in style. What else would you expect of Gabri ?