Ahh so its been over a week of strolling, wine drinking and eating excessively. On the plus side, I managed to cross off a few more spots from my spring break to-do list.

– Tea Time at Musee’ D’Orsay – Well I went here to see the Monet and Renoirs but as usual the Asians managed to ruin the experience. Bustling in hoards I was literally rolled over by Chinese tour groups. Combined with the security guard following me to make sure I stopped taking illegal photographs of the paintings- I had to get out. On my way out I caught a glimpse of the cafe. Beautiful high ceilings with gilded gold molding, the sun beaming through the two story windows, and sweet treats winking at me – I just HAD to go in. And I was so glad I did. The moment was delicious ( so was the tea and puff pastry). A fabulous way to spend the afternoon in Paris.


– Opera- This week I managed to make it to the Opera Bastille to see Debussy’s Pelléas et MélisandeNot so bad for a casual Wednesday night out in my opinion. I am obsessed with the theatre and I am thrilled to be able to see ballets, operas and musical performances. Opera Garnier still has my heart in terms of venue however Opera Bastille is still a must see. All in all – its fabulous!

IMG_0464IMG_0473 IMG_0484

– Sainte Chapelle – Well, Sainte Chapelle has been on my list of placed to see since I first arrived in Paris. The gorgeous stained glass windows were calling my name. Finally I managed to see them for myself and it was well worth the wait. Once you get inside ( for free- thank you EU passport!) you go up a cramped, dark stairwell. Just as I was about to get dizzy, I arrived at the top. At first glance, it is truly jaw-dropping/breath-taking ( whatever you want to call it). A few overwhelming moments later I whipped out my Iphone and took the appropriate seflies. It was fantastic. The area around here is also super cute for wandering around  and light shopping with a million darling classic French cafes scattered.

IMG_0615IMG_0620 IMG_0625 IMG_0700

-Shopping – Online – but hey its 2015 – it still counts, leave me alone!

As I cross things off, I still have to pinch myself . Cannot believe I am actually here in Paris doing the things I always dreamed of doing. But I swear to God if I get caught in the rain one more time- this city will burn. Looking forward to proper Spring ! Peel these layers off, Fresh blooms on the trees lining the boulevards and #springtimeflingtime.

March has arrived and I am ready to make it count!