I admit I haven’t been that great about touring and exploring lately. HOWEVER, I managed to have the most fabulously Parisian day that made my heart so warm.  Determined to do every cliche French thing I could think of ( Thank you to Midnight in Paris for my late night inspiration) I spent the day in Saint Germain (6eme arr.) and it was perfection.Started my day buy doing some fab vintage shopping. I am dying for a vintage Chanel purse and will search the city until I find the absolutely perfect one.  I got a great start at Les Trois Marches de Catherine B (1 Rue Guisarde). The store clerk was so sweet and helpful and has some fabulous pieces. I fell in love with a Navy Jumbo but unfortunately will need to start selling my body to afford it  (#brokebitchproblems). From there I was feeling a bit tired and in need of a libation or two ( or three) and made my way to Cafe des Flores. I polished off a few glasses of rose and had their chocolate tart ( TO DIE FOR!) I sat for a few hours and just people watched and smiled to myself. It was such a treat to see people from all over the world who came to Paris just like me.  Happy and a little tipsy at this point I made my way to the Palais Garnier. Jesus, Allah, Buddha Almighty. It was stunning- gorgeous-jaw dropping! I have never seen such a gorgeous building. From the ceiling the lighting and the stairs I was just in awe. I could have shed a tear at this point. Not sure if it was the wine talking or just being flushed and overwhelmed by the gorgeous-ness but I felt truly blessed and pleased to be there. The ticket was a steal for EUR 27 so if you haven’t been I would absolutely recommend that you do!Finished the night off at the China Club in Bastille. Super cute loungy – club vibe. Enjoyed more wine and just counted my blessings to be in this amazing and fabulous city. Ahhh to be in love with Paris. What an amazing feeling.