Quit your job – Check

Buy a ticket – Check

Leave – Check

Like your new life- Check. Check.

This week has been totally insane. New people, new places and a SHIT TON OF STUFF TO DO! I’m sure i am not alone in this, but I am just fully overwhelmed. I am settled into my new place, officially broke and up to my ears in readings and projects to do. Am I excited about this?  Hell yeah! I came to Paris to be a new woman, to do new and crazy things (tinder dates included – #pleasedontkidnapme). As I sit in my bedroom pondering my life and trying to make a schedule, I pause to smile. I got exactly what I asked for and damn it I will embrace it!

Off to eat chocolate and drink wine in bed. #happydays

xoxo Gabri

Gabri’s keys to a happy life;

Shopping.Touring. Romancing. Exploring.

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